Puigdemont has “perfectly assumed” that he will spend a long time in prison

Puigdemont has “perfectly assumed” that he will spend a long time in prison

Ex-president of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont , has “perfectly assumed” that his time in prison will be extended but “he feels strong, with courage and determination to resist him”. This is how the lawyer Jaume Alonso Cuevilla has expressed himself after visiting his client in the German prison of Neumünster , where Puigdemont has been interned by court order pending the resolution of his extradition process to Spain .

Cuevilla said he has seen Puigdemont “in excellent condition”, both in terms of physical condition and mood. “He also has” full confidence in the German Justice. ”

“The truth is that we left much more animated, it was like a shot of euphoria to see him with so much force, so much determination, so much courage,” Cuevilla declared after a two-hour meeting with Puigdemont, joined by Gonzalo Boye .

Cuevilla noted that Puigdemont, in prison since Sunday , when he was arrested in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein , has “perfectly assumed that this will be extended, that is, his situation of deprivation of liberty, but feels resistant, strong, with courage and determination to resist it. ”

The reference periods – which are not compulsory – for the resolution of extradition files in Germany range from 10 to 60 days, renewable for another 30. The average is 47 days, one day below the European average. This period is reduced if the procedure is carried out by means of urgency. However, it is not foreseen that the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Territorial Hearing of Schleswig-Holstein, which are responsible for the case due to the arrest of Puigdemont in that federal state, will be pronounced before Easter .

Speaking to the media that were waiting in front of the prison, Cuevilla thanked on behalf of the “(former) Catalan president the support received” even by the prisoners who share the facilities with him.

The prison of Neumünster has capacity for 571 inmates, all of them males. Of these, 505 are in closed regime and all are serving a sentence, except 46, who are in third degree or are preventive. There are 20 places as day psychiatric clinic. According to the prison authorities, 60% serve sentence for robbery, theft, extortion or injury. The rest of the inmates are for drug trafficking, fraud or sexual crimes. In all cases, these are first convictions, of less than five years, and it also highlights the presence of young inmates, to whom the prison offers the possibility of obtaining a school graduate or of undertaking professional training in branches such as the bakery, the kitchen, electronics or cabinetmaking.

Cuevillas and Boye left the prison, which also has workshops in its facilities, offers its services to companies and sells the products it makes to individuals, from bars for balconies or custom garden tables to bakery products and pastries, with a message from Puigdemont to the independence movement. Puigdemont called for “unity” and assured that “he will not fail to continue defending his ideals despite all the adversities that are being experienced at this time.”

“We will never surrender: that is the message we must pass on to the Catalan people, that this fight will be long, but it will be a fight that will be won,” Boye declared.