A UMA professor leads an international clinical practice guide

A UMA professor leads an international clinical practice guide

The Professor of Medicine at the University of Malaga, Raul Andrade Bellido, presented at the International Liver Congress held in Paris, the first international clinical practice guide on drug-induced liver disease.

These clinical practice guidelines are scientific documents that are coordinated and written by accredited experts, in recognition of their clinical trajectory. In addition, these documents have a great impact and dissemination among the medical community.

In particular, the guide that has now been presented in Paris, seeks to provide better care for patients suffering from this liver disease, summarizing all possible scientific evidence.

“Liver toxicity by drugs is also a major problem for the pharmaceutical industry, which is responsible for developing effective drugs without toxicity, as well as for regulatory bodies, which approve the licensing of new drugs and ensure the safety of all the drugs available in the market, “said the UMA professor.

Another of its advantages is that it offers recommendations on this disorder, which is a great challenge for doctors because of its diagnostic difficulty. Professor Raúl Andrade, who is also director of the Digestive Clinical Management Unit of the Hospital Clínico, has counted on the development of this guide with a panel of international experts at the highest level. In addition, this document is sponsored by the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL).

This is the first work that is carried out on drug-induced liver disease and seeks mainly to help better understand this disorder and to serve as a guide for medical professionals.

Between his different positions, the professor of the Faculty of Medicine Raul Andrade Bellido is the main investigator of a group of the IBIMA on hepatic toxicity in which professionals of the UMA and the university hospitals of Malaga work. It is integrated into CIBERehd and international networks and also acts as advisor to the European and Spanish Medicines Agencies.