In 2019 Endesa will double its renewable capacity in Andalusia and Extremadura

In 2019 Endesa will double its renewable capacity in Andalusia and Extremadura

Endesa, through its renewable subsidiary Enel Green Power España, will double its energy capacity from renewable sources in Andalusia and Extremadura next year.

Specifically, the company, which currently has 350 MW renewable in Andalusia and Extremadura, is expected to build 64 new wind and 260 MW photovoltaic MW equivalent to the projects submitted as a result of the renewable auctions launched last year by the Government. The construction of these projects will involve an investment of more than 280 million euros and the creation of new jobs in Andalusia and Extremadura.

The new wind megawatts that Endesa plans to build through its subsidiary Enel Green Power Spain, correspond to 2 wind projects in Andalusia and 6 photovoltaic projects in Extremadura. In particular, Endesa is processing the construction of 22 MW of wind in Vejer de la Frontera, and another 42 MW in Malaga between the towns of Teba, Almargen and Campillos. These projects are joined by 6 photovoltaic parks in Extremadura, with a total capacity of 260 MW.

In addition to the allocation of 540 MW of wind in the second auction held in May of last year, Endesa also won 339 MW of solar production capacity in the third auction of the Government, held in July, and whose objective was to cover 20% of energy consumption with renewable energy by 2020, as indicated by the European Union. On this occasion, Endesa has identified 7 projects that correspond to those being processed in Extremadura and Murcia. To complete the backup, the renewable subsidiary of Endesa, Enel Green Power, has presented 4 more projects, 3 of them in Malaga and 1 in Badajoz.

To develop all these projects awarded in the last two auctions, Endesa plans an investment of more than 800 million euros throughout Spain, and when these projects come into operation, the new facilities will generate approximately 1,750 GWh per year.

Enel Green Power España, the renewable energy subsidiary of Endesa, currently manages more than 1,806 MW of capacity in Spain, following the incorporation this year of the 5 wind farms of Gestinver (132 MW). Of this figure, 1,749 MW come from wind power, 43 MW from mini-hydro and 14 MW from other renewable energy sources. EGPE plants generate around 4 TWh of emission-free energy each year.