Red wine from Malaga is among the best in the world

Red wine from Malaga is among the best in the world

Malaga Capuchina Vieja Petit Verdot wine has managed to win the bronze world in the category of red wines with more than 12 months in barrels in the International Wine Challenge, considered the second most important wine contest in the world.

La Capuchina, is the family winery responsible for producing this Petit Verdot. Susana García, one of her managers, admits to being very excited, since this is the first time they have won an award of this magnitude. In addition, another of its products, the Capuchina Vieja Sol, entered the list of recommended in the category of sweet wines. “Nothing more to be able to be among the finalists in this contest knowing that you have left 10,000 wines similar to yours and all very good back and it fills you with satisfaction,” he acknowledges.

Submitting to the contest, considered for García as “Los Óscars del vino”, is not easy since it can cost 400 euros for each wine reference you present. “The selection process is difficult since you face many stages of tasting.” In addition, the jury is made up of the best tasters worldwide who must taste wine blindly. “The jury does not know that it is tasting beyond the fact that they are from the category of reds with 12 months in the barrel, it is the only thing they know and from there they already catalog”.

Of the Andalusian wines that have been presented, outside of Jerez, only two wineries have been awarded, La Capuchina and Barbadillo that has also obtained a bronze and a recognition.

La Capuchina, whose name was given because it had once belonged to the Capuchin monks, has 20 hectares of vineyards and 18 hectares of olive groves. Although these agricultural lands, located in the region of Antequera and 14 kilometers from Mollina, had always been used for oil production, it was not until three years ago that they decided to create their own line. As for wine, they started producing it in 2000 and now they have four different products on the market: the Old Red Capuchin; Old nasturtium Petit verdot red; Nasturtium Old Dry Muscat; and Capuchina Vieja Sol.

A family farm that is already in its third generation and that stands out for having an artisan production where only three people work in the winery. “We make wine very little, we do not reach the 25,000 bottles”, admits Susana García.

Finally, the manager of the winery recognizes that one of the factors that have led to the recognition of his Capuchina Vieja Sol wine is that it is a naturally sweet Muscat from Alexandria, which is only made in the province of Malaga. “Whenever I have presented it in any international market, it has won a prize,” he confesses.

Now, we only have to wait until June 10 where a great celebration will take place in London in which the different prizes will be awarded to the winners.