IU and Podemos agree on joint primaries in Andalusia at the first confluence of the closed country

IU and Podemos agree on joint primaries in Andalusia at the first confluence of the closed country

The general coordinator of Podemos Andalucía, Teresa Rodríguez , and the general coordinator of IU Andalucía, Antonio Maíllo , stressed that the pre-agreement closed on Saturday by the political leaders of both organizations to participate together in the Andalusian and municipal elections is ” a alternative to the PSOE-A and 40 years of not having fully developed the imperatives and the needs of the Andalusian people “, as well as” a dam of containment of the rights, either the PP or the Citizens. ” Andalusia is the first community in the country where the confluence between IU and Podemos has been sealed. It also includes joint primaries .

Thus, the collegial management of IU Andalucía has given green light this Sunday to the pre-agreement between IU Andalucía and Podemos Andalucía , which will have to be ratified by the Coordinating Committee of IU Andalucía next Sunday, June 3, while the Andalusian Citizen Council of the formation ‘abode’ has ratified this same Sunday.

In this way, Rodríguez explained before starting the Citizen Council that the first of the antecedents that have guided this process was the second Andalucian Citizen Assembly “where we determined the importance of building an Andalusian political space built from Andalusia, thinking of the imperative need and historical to build an alternative to ‘susanismo’ that will not pass by the right “.

“That is the historic challenge that both organizations understand that we have ahead, build an alternative to PSOE-A, 40 years of not fully developed the imperatives and needs of the Andalusian people without having to prove a government of the right” , says Rodríguez, who assures that all the currents of Podemos “defended the need to achieve greater autonomy quotas by the organization in Andalusia.”

In addition, it points out that the second step was Vistalegre II , “where steps were taken forward in the framework of decentralization of Podemos, to give more autonomy to the territories”, and adds that the third antecedent is the confluence document, which “is approved in an Andalusian Citizen Council for more than two thirds and in which we said what our preconditions were before talking about the confluence with IU “.

Similarly, he adds that in March 2018 there is a consultation where the Andalusians say “very majority want a confluence with IU”, while explaining that with the same “fundamentally want to exceed the organizations that initially launched this initiative “and ensures that since yesterday there are several organizations that” have contacted us because they want to be part of the process. “

Thus, he states that “they have tired of constantly explaining what is the diagnosis of the situation in Andalusia, where we have more unemployment , and contribute less to the national income than in the year 80, which is when the Statute of Autonomy for Andalusia is built , whose main objective is to end the gap between the community and the rest of Spain, “says Rodriguez, who adds that” we see how the crisis and recovery have made Andalusia farther from that goal than 40 years ago. “

“We want to unveil the Andalusia of alternatives, this is the first goal of the confluence,” insists Rodriguez, who understands that organizations “should not be an end in itself” and adds that “we want to permanently open the windows that follow flowing the wind of change, that is not a closed wall of the bureaucracy of organizations .

Joint primary

” We can born as a tool for citizen and popular empowerment in Andalusia, and we want to remain that , ” he says, and notes that “the process of convergence in Andalusia should be built as joint primaries, because we want to open a process that is can present more people , get away from the cold agreement, try to walk towards a construction in hot “.

He adds that “the confluence must always be seen as a useful tool, not as an imposition, neither to the organizations nor to the territorial levels,” and he recalls that both organizations “have reached a consensus on an ethical code that is built in the direction of de – professionalizing the policy, limiting salaries and establishing revocation mechanisms for elected officials. ” Rodríguez thanked Maíllo for “having put the easy things and his generosity in the negotiations .”

“Esperanza” at IU

For his part, Antonio Maíllo has announced that the collegiate management of IU Andalucía has unanimously agreed to both the pre-agreement and the proposal of representation of IU in the driving group of the process and stressed that this pre-agreement “of hope and Illusion “sends a very clear message” to those who aspire to change in the Andalusian key “.

Maíllo indicates that the motor group, parity and open to new organizations that are integrated, will be formed by IU pare by Ernesto Alba, Eva García Sempere, Francisco Javier Camacho, Gertru Vargas, Pedro Ortega and Inmaculada Nieto .

Thus, explains that “Alba will take the coordination and everything related to the field of primaries , while Garcia Sempere, parliamentarian of Unidos Podemos for the province of Malaga in the Congress, the programmatic development .” For his part, “Camacho, responsible for Organization and Finance in IU Andalucía, resources and logistics , and will have the collaboration of Salvador Fuentes as head of Andalusian finance,” he adds.

In addition, explains that ” Gertru Vargas , activist and member of the leadership in his responsibility for political action, will take the relations with the social movements, Pedro Ortega , responsible for communication in the Andalusian direction, will also take the communication in the motor group by of IU, and Nieto, as institutional responsible in the Andalusian direction, will take in the motor group everything related to the municipal elections “.

For Maíllo, IU and Podemos from “horizontality” they offer “an instrument that incorporates other organizations, platforms, associations and many people individually with a desire to change, which is an alternative to the conservative PSOE of Susana Díaz and the dike of containment of the rights, either the PP or the Cs. “

Example for other territories

The general coordinator of IU, which has ensured that it is an “exemplary” agreement for the rest of the territories, ” in Andalusia we are in the best conditions to do a fantastic job”.

Maíllo recalled that at the municipal level the pre-agreement reflects the “will and obligation to establish spaces of friendly unity, which fit all those who want to change the lives of their towns and cities to be also the engine of change” and pointed out that, In this sense, “IU brings the extraordinary work of its mayors and governments that show that from the towns and cities can be made policies of change that incorporate democratic radicalism, transparency and citizen participation.”

Finally, the general coordinator of IU Andalucía has pointed out “the political honesty” of his counterpart in Podemos Andalucía, Teresa Rodríguez , and stressed that his shared vision of the de-professionalization of politics has helped “understand the importance of this agreement for Andalusia and has been a fundamental value in the trust that has been established. “