Judge Núñez paralyzes investigation of a case of corruption in the IDEA Agency of the Board for two years

Judge Núñez paralyzes investigation of a case of corruption in the IDEA Agency of the Board for two years

The investigation that Judge María Núñez Bolaños is processing on the Agency of Innovation and Development of the Junta de Andalucía IDEA, in one of the macro-causes of alleged corruption that she inherited from her predecessor in the Court of Instruction 6 of Seville, Mercedes Alaya , is not that progress “slowly” , as the Audiencia de Sevilla has just certified, is that it has been totally paralyzed for almost two years .

This is what the PP has discovered when appearing in this case and after obtaining that the Court removed the bail of 30,000 euros initially demanded by Judge Núñez. “Since the initiation of these proceedings, by order of June 14, 2016, to date has not been carried out by the instructor any diligence test to clarify the facts,” denounced the lawyers of the PP in a brief filed in the Court of Instruction 6 on May 24.

In fact, the Office of the Prosecutor has been denouncing the paralysis suffered by these investigations since October 2017. Since Alaya abandoned the instruction “the advance has been virtually non-existent,” said the prosecutor two months ago. Such is the interruption that a former high-ranking official of the Board investigated-previously accused-in this piece requested that it be filed , in the absence of the slightest indication that it was incriminated. However, the Court has just rejected this request in a letter certifying that the investigation “is moving slowly”.

Interest in the lawsuit

When verifying the total paralysis of the cause on IDEA – one that Alaya intended to continue investigating in commission of service after ascending to the Hearing -, the PP has decided to extend the incident of recusación that presented / displayed against Núñez to separate it of the case . On October 27, 2017, the PP alleged, as the first cause for recusal of this judge, “have a direct or indirect interest in the lawsuit, in relation to the right to an impartial judge .”

For this, the PP was based on the statements made by Núñez in a car of October 2, 2017, in which he pointed out that the piece on IDEA, “to instruct as insistently requests the PP, could become a cause of dimensions” greater than that of the ERE, in which the “affected” would be “political personalities of a sign contrary to the party that exercises the popular accusation”.

PP lawyers say that Judge Nunez has “repeatedly” ignored the prosecutor’s requests to incorporate various documents and statements of three inspectors of the Board into the case. Although the judge acceded to the requests of the Office of the Prosecutor in a ruling, the truth is that, “by the way of the facts, he has neglected and failed to comply with his own decision”.

During the almost two years that this investigation on IDEA has been open, Núñez has not agreed to any “diligence”, warns the PP.Tan has only declared the case complex on January 24, 2017 and on March 14, 2018 extended the term of instruction another 18 months.

The sister-in-law of the judge

In his first recusal, the PP warned that the sister-in-law of the judge María Guija Villa works in IDEA as the person in charge of the control of the payments of this agency of the Board, for what Núñez must be set aside.

Meanwhile, the secretary general of the Andalusian PP, Loles Lopez, recalled yesterday that the amount of funds received by the Agency IDEA from the annual accounts of the Board, through the transfers of financing, amounts to more than 4,300 million euros during ten years.

He added that the president of the Andalusian Government, Susana Díaz , has always “denied the highest in this case, and has never given any explanations nor has she provided the documentation we have requested”.