Mayors and councilors of the PP rebel against the delinquency of the Board for the aid to the dependency

Mayors and councilors of the PP rebel against the delinquency of the Board for the aid to the dependency

A cumulative debt that only in the province of Granada adds thirteen million eurosto the municipalities, for assistance to some eleven thousand families, an amount that endangers about five thousand jobs. With these figures and data, mayors and councilors of the Popular Party were concentrated on Tuesday before the provincial delegation of the Board in Granada, which the PP municipal representatives claim to pay to the municipalities of Granada for home helpservice . With leaflets in which each municipality claims its debt – in some cases, such as Almuñécar, up to 400,000 euros – the representatives of the PP kept the concentration in silence.

The ‘popular’ do not have the data, but calculate that the figure could exceed 130 million in Andalusia . The default, in any case, reaches the local governments of all political colors, not only the municipalities with mayor of the PP , including socialists, “but they do not protest,” says a spokeswoman “popular.” Senda initiatives in the Andalusian Parliament and the Diputación de Granada accompany a petition that aims to alleviate the financial suffocation that the coffers of the affected municipalities involve delays in payments.

This is what the mayor of Algarinejo, Jorge Sánchez , says, who alludes to the “damage” that the defaults entail for the economy of the city councils of Granada. Sanchez recalls that the PP already warned that with the change of the autonomic law -original of the current situation- the government of Susana Díaz would not advance the money of the dependency “and if with the previous law we had some delay, now we accumulate delays of four months “, that in a municipality of 2,700 inhabitants as it is Algarinejo translates” into a debt of 120,000 euros, something totally unsustainable for a small town “.

In this context, the provincial deputy Antonio Ayllón states: “When the Junta de Andalucía is not paid on its collection date, interest on late payments is applied, when the County Council is not paid on its date, it charges interest from delay , but it seems that it is fine not to pay a municipality and not pay interest for it, “which is why it urges the municipalities to apply interest for late payment to the Board.

The controversy surrounding dependence increased with the new order that regulates the home help service, which came into force on July 1, 2017, and conditioned the mayors of Andalusia to advance with funds from their respective municipalities the payroll of the service workers. The PP then took forward an initiative in the Parliament of Andalusia, the Diputación de Granada and the town councils of the province for the Board to repeal and cancel the order regulating payments and return to the previous system of home help, through of which the Andalusian Government advanced the money to the municipalities every two months. “Eight months later only the municipalities are advancing the money, because the Board does not pay either to the municipalities or to the County Council for home help service “, says the regional deputy Ana Vanesa García, who demands that Susana Díaz” pay and comply with the agreements “adopted in the Parliament of Andalusia”.

The initiative of the PP was voted affirmatively by the now president of the Diputación de Granada, José Entrena (PSOE), in turn provincial secretary of the socialists of Granada, whom the popular summon to comply with the agreement and put in front of the vindication In this sense, the deputy Ayllón criticizes that the Diputación and its president “do not comply with the municipalities . 

The city councils of Granada, Sanchez points out, “we can not allow a service as important and necessary as home help to be endangered”. The workers of the service, adds the mayor of Algarinejo, “all they want is to reach the end of the month and charge , like any other worker.” For this reason, he urges Entrena not to be an “accomplice” of the Board in the “damage” caused to the town halls of Granada “by not respecting” the agreement signed between the regional government and the provincial institution, for which the consistories month to month expired.