More than 200 immigrants rescued from six boats in the Andalusian coast

More than 200 immigrants rescued from six boats in the Andalusian coast

Maritime Rescue has rescued a total of 202 immigrants , including twelve women and several minors, from six boats located in the Alboran Sea (four) and in the waters of the Strait (two).

Early in the morning, 72 men and four women from two small boats were rescued in the Alboran Sea , after this Friday night they received in the coordinating center of Almeria successive calls from Morocco that warned of the departure of different boats from the Moroccan coasts of Bouyafar and Tensamán.

The plane “Sasemar 101”, the helicopter “Helimer 204” and the boat “Guardamar Calíope” were mobilized to the Alborán Sea, to which the patrol boat “Valpas” of Frontex, which after an intense search rescued 39 men and two women from a first boat and, shortly after, the second was located with 33 men and two women on board.

Maritime Rescue Officers have also rescued forty immigrants of Maghrebi origin , including four women and several minors, when they were trying to reach Spanish shores aboard a patera four miles south of Punta Camarinal , in the waters of the Strait.

This afternoon have been rescued in the Alboran Sea 34 immigrants of sub-Saharan origin, who have been transferred to the port of Motril (Granada), as well as 31 men and four women from a boat, who have moved to Almeria.

Finally, Maritime Rescue officers have recovered 17 migrants of Algerian origin, all males and adults, from a boat in the Strait of Gibraltar , who have moved to the marina of El Saladillo, in Algeciras (Cádiz).