Netflix launches its new series ‘Recuerdos de la Alhambra’ in Granada

Netflix launches its new series ‘Recuerdos de la Alhambra’ in Granada

A science-fiction thriller in natural settings of the Alhambra, the Carrera del Darro, the Calderería, the Mirador de San Miguel Alto and other spaces in the old city and modern roads. It’s ‘Recuerdos de la Alhambra’ , a series that is being shot in Granada since Monday, under the direction of Korean director Ahn Gil-Ho for Netflix, the leading audiovisual platform in the field of television.

A team of one hundred and forty people, plus a hundred extras, who has selected the production company of ‘Game of Thrones’, and forty others hired directly in the city work these days, until next Saturday, in the filming of a written script by Jae-Jung, who was inspired to write this fiction thanks to a stay in Granada that currently means for the hospitality Granada a reservation of overnight stays that reaches 1,200 during the week that will remain in the city, where it is estimated that they will leave an impact positive encrypted at one million euros.

However, the City Council is confident that this momentarily positive balance will be increased thanks to the multicast that will be the projection of the series through a platform such as Netflix, which extends its effects through television stations all over the world, where The urban and historical landscapes of the city will arrive.

When on Tuesday the mayor of Granada, Francisco Cuenca, visited the set mounted on the Espinosa Bridge of Carrera del Darro and the narrow streets of Mauror, at the foot of the Alhambra, a hundred meters appears as a silent witness the portal where he lived Antonio de la Torre in the fiction of the film ‘Caníbal’ and this landscape is another one that has spread throughout the world the recent second installment of ‘Tadeo Jones’, acclaimed Spanish animated film.

Ahn Gil-Ho, director among others of the series ‘Strangers’ or ‘His adorable heels’, works Hyun Bin, protagonist of a story that places him as executive director of an investment company. In fiction, the actor – very popular in South Korea – has developed a videogame that allows him to fight with Mozarabic warriors in the Granada before the entrance of the Catholic Monarchs. Conjugating with the plot, a series of archers emerged in unison from the portals of the Mauror in the scene filmed on Tuesday and tomorrow announces the spectacularity of an assault on the Source of the Pomegranatesand persecutions in the environment of the contiguous channel of the Genil river. As an antagonist, another South Korean actress, Park Shin-Hye, appears, with whom bin coincides on a business trip to Granada that starts a plot of sixteen episodes that will also have Barcelona as the setting for filming.

The mayor highlights the importance that Granada “has been chosen as one of the main scenarios where the plot will unfold.” Filming is also carried out in the Calle Correo Viejo, Puente Espinosa and the Ave María School, as well as a workshop for luthiers and the aforementioned scenarios, for which the City Council has foreseen a special device in which various municipal areas participate, precisely in a week in which the city celebrates the Corpus Fair, which by itself upsets the rhythms of citizens.

For Cuenca, “besides the economic report, that Granada is the protagonist of a series of Netflix, which has an audience of more than 117 million people around the world, is an invaluable promotion and a success of the area of ​​Tourism and Granada Film Commission, which has been working together with the production company for weeks. ” The councilor for Tourism, Raquel Ruz, for her part, considers that “a Korean series with Granada as a protagonist comes to culminate the great work to attract this long distance tourism with high purchasing power” to which the City Council’s policy aspires.