The full urges the mayor to cease the head of the Local Police of Granada who will go to trial for labor harassment

The full urges the mayor to cease the head of the Local Police of Granada who will go to trial for labor harassment

A motion of the PP, supported by the councilors of Citizens and a vote of Podemos, urges the mayor of Granada, the Socialist Francisco Cuenca , to dismiss the head of the Local Police, José Antonio Moreno , who on June 26 will be judged by complaint of an agent accusing him of workplace harassment and psychological damage .

The motion, with sixteen votes in favor and eleven against (PSOE, IU and two of Podemos), contained a second point that would have forced Cuenca to immediately comply with the resignation of Moreno, but it has not been possible to vote before the warning General Secretariat of the City Council, which warns that the appointment or dismissal “are the exclusive competence” of the mayor , according to the law of local police in Andalusia.

The extraordinary plenary summoned for this exclusive debate has derived from different aspects that have come up since the recent ‘Gürtel sentence’ to the attitude of Puigdemont or the closest ‘Serrallo case’ and the opening of oral trial against six councilmen of the PP who voted in favor of the license to build a nightclub on land used as a playground. “Presumption of innocence for all,” recalled socialist spokesman Baldomero Oliver .

The municipal group ‘popular’, which initially threatened to report to the Prosecutor’s Office for not leaving the service to the head of the Local Police, invoking regulations and protocols, reminded Cuenca that the PSOE in the opposition promoted the same initiative in 2008 against the then responsible of the body and, admitting that it is a position of trust , points to the political nature of the position under suspicion.

The PSOE, in minority in local government, instead, frames the initiative of the PP in “an honor trial” against Moreno, the third promoted by the ‘popular’ since he was appointed by the mayor. By means, Citizens requires “the depoliticization” of the Local Police , subject to the vagaries of the successive parties in the municipal power. This was required by the orange training to support the inauguration of Cuenca, “and it was the first lie of the mayor, of the many who came later”, when he promised a protocol of appointment based on professional criteria, recalled the spokesman of Cs, Manuel Olivares . In this way, Oliver opposes the 32 positions of free designation that there was in the Local Police when the PP governed, “that now there are eleven, perhaps – Oliver adds – because we are on the path of depoliticization and some do not like it”.

Informative dossier

The PP, in any case, appeals to the protocol approved already in Cuenca times by the local government board, which establishes the opening of an informative or disciplinary file in cases similar to Moreno’s. The Socialists, meanwhile, frame the complaint that an agent filed against the local police chief in the reorganization Moreno undertook when he took office, in which he complied with the ruling that declared null the appointments decided by the PP in time of Torres Hurtado for irregularities in the oppositions that promoted his promotions, among which is that of the agent who denounces Moreno.