Susana Díaz bets on the Andalusian dependency

Susana Díaz bets on the Andalusian dependency

What can Susana Díaz offer to Andalusian women? Well, to those who are caretakers, that the companies subcontracted by the Board pay them better and that the old people do not die waiting for the Board to process the aid. But that does not say so, of course. According to the account Más Andalucía en Twitter, which is the motto of its electoral campaign, “we bet on the Unit and now we are going to force that the companies that receive money from the administration for the Help of the Unit have to pay 75% of what is paid into his salary. ” The clippings in the rallies sometimes have that, which can give you the essence of a policy: “We bet on the Unit”. And so much Because more and more people are waiting for a pay, a subsidy, a public job, a pre-retirement, a training course. They bet because every time there are less independent of the Junta de Andalucía: it is what works for them.

La Vanguardia has published an interesting report in which the tendency of the vote in Andalusia is related to the unemployment rates: the socialists win in the municipalities with the most unemployment. Yes, surprise. The map, by the way, makes it clear how absurd it is to speak of “Andalusia” as a homogenous whole : right now, Málaga has little to do with Jaén, or the towns of the Costa del Sol, with its international schools, its workers digital nomads, with those from the north of Huelva. The curious thing is to see how neither the PP of Juanma Moreno nor the Citizens of Juan MarínThey take advantage of the debates to take advantage of how Málaga capital has evolved, where the former govern with the support of the latter, compared to other areas. There the electoral strategists.

Meanwhile, Susana Díaz wants us all the same . “I want to be the president of equality, of all equality, between men and women, between towns and big cities, between young people with resources and those who do not.” That. The same and dependent. It seems a good plan. And give all children a general pass.

As a child, she also spoke at Málaga Inés Arrimadas . In an auditorium full of Spanish, Andalusian and European flags – unlike the exclusive Andalusian of the PSOE rallies – the Jerez-born woman said she has Andalusian nephews and that she wants the same opportunities for them as for the rest of the Spaniards.

Pablo Casado has emphasized the last days in the recovery of competences in Education and the president of the Board has left the Andalusian vein: “Pablo Casado does not believe in autonomy or believes in 28F.” Andalusia refuses to touch the Education: He can not explain that we have free books, canteens, scholarships, grants, university enrollments … he has no arguments against that. ” Yes there are arguments: the results in the international tests, the rate of unemployment, but it is already known that, before the data, she is going to say that the Andalusian children are insulted. To all. With the same ease that says “Andalusia rejects that we touch education.” He has asked each one of us. Also to that growing percentage in the CIS barometers that reject the autonomic state, Vox’s voting grounds.

The day of the fight against gender violence could not happen without Susana Díaz talking about “macho terrorism” , although the name of Juana Rivas did not appear , to which she promised to give her full support a year ago. First it was domestic violence, then it was called gender, later sexist and, now, terrorism. Because men are a band that decide to terrorize women. Of the rejection to that thought Vox is also nourished and, for that reason, Susana Díaz alerts of the advance of the “macho” right. Its strategists may not have realized that this label has no effect, neither in Brazil nor in the US. Maybe because not all women think the same, like the lawyer of Conil Antonia Alba, to which they gave him the Filoxera award in Conil for saying that there are false accusations.

Meanwhile, in the act of Citizens, a minute of silence was observed for the victims of gender violence. Albert Rivera insisted on the idea that any man who puts his hand on a woman is a coward. That is, what our grandparents told us before there were institutes for women, with good results. Nobody dared to be a coward in the eyes of non-toxic masculinity.