Susana Díaz greets the “new time” that opens with Pedro Sánchez

Susana Díaz greets the “new time” that opens with Pedro Sánchez

The Andalusian Government, mayors and parliamentary forces have welcomed with expectation the political “new time” opened after the motion of censure of the socialist Pedro Sánchez triumph and have declared their impact on the regional funding and the General State Budgets .

The president of the Junta de Andalucía , Susana Díaz, has shown her “support and loyalty” to the new President of the Government with whom, she underlined, “a new time is opening for Spain and for Andalusia”, at the same time that she has offered ” collaborate “both with the central government and to maintain its” firmness in the defense of the interests of Andalusia “, since” both things are compatible “.

On his official Twitter page, Díaz congratulated Sánchez and said: “She has all my support and loyalty as president of the Junta de Andalucía and general secretary of the PSOE of Andalusia.”

Díaz has also pointed out in a video that Andalusia “has always been good for a socialist president, because he has shown sensitivity to the problems of this land”, and has declared “fully convinced” that this will happen with Sánchez.

Also the spokesman of the PSOE in the Andalusian Parliament, Mario Jiménez , has expressed the “satisfaction” of his party for the arrival of Sanchez to the Presidency of the Government that, has pointed, will “correct the years of lead of the Popular Party Government “

On the rejection of the Andalusian PSOE to the General State Budgets (PGE), which Sanchez has announced that he will respect, Jiménez has reiterated that “they hurt Andalusia” although he has hoped that they can be improved thanks to the “dialogue” between the Government of Susana Díaz and the new Executive of Sánchez.

The valuation of the Andalusian PP has been very different and its president, Juanma Moreno , has criticized what he considers “entreguismo” by Díaz and his “change of discourse” for expressing his loyalty to Pedro Sánchez.

Moreno has said on Twitter that “the speech change of Susana Díaz begins” and has warned that “they call it loyalty when they want to say entreguismo”.

The secretary general of the Andalusian PP, Dolores Lopez, has also accused Diaz of having “sold the Andalusians and Andalusia” for supporting Sanchez’s motion of censure, backed by “the independence and friends of ETA.”

Francisco de la Torre (PP), mayor of Malaga, mayor of the popular in Spain, has assured that the new Government of Sanchez “raises many questions” and has wished that “this change does not mean a break with the successful economic policy” and that Spain “continues to be a stable country with the capacity to make investments”.

The leader of Citizens in Andalusia, Juan Marín , has told Efe that this party will be “attentive and vigilant” with the new government in aspects such as regional financing or the “pressure” of the Basque and Catalan nationalists on the Socialist Executive.

“We have many doubts about the fine print of Mr. Sánchez’s agreements with Bildu, Esquerra, PdCAT or the PNV and it makes us scared to know what the consequences of Mr. Sánchez’s support may be,” he added.

For the general secretary of Podemos Andalucía, Teresa Rodríguez , now it’s up to the PSOE to “demonstrate” that it is “willing to fulfill its own electoral program”.

Rodriguez has lamented that although it was known that “there was a sufficient majority to propose an alternative to a government of Mariano Rajoy “, the Socialist Party “made a thorough effort so that what happened today could not have happened months ago”.

The Andalusian coordinator of IU, Antonio Maíllo, has expressed the joy of this party because the PP “has been evicted” from the Government of Spain, “where he could not stand another day after the Gürtel case”, but he has asked Pedro Sánchez that is not limited to “manage what the PP leaves”.

Regarding Andalusia, has opined that opens “a window of opportunity” regarding regional funding, which has announced that IU will use its “influence” in the new government to “accelerate” a financial agreement “determinant in Andalusia for the conservation of public services “.