Susana Díaz makes a ‘nod’ to feminism but gives more power to her counselor Arellano

Susana Díaz makes a ‘nod’ to feminism but gives more power to her counselor Arellano

Susana Díaz has responded with a quick and effective movement to cover the void that the appointment of María Jesús Montero as Minister of Finance has left in her government. The president of the Board has signed the lecturer of History and Economic Institutions Lina Gálvez, a reference in perspective of gender, to put it at the forefront of University policies, while the current Minister of Economy assumes the portfolio of Finance that leaves free Huntsman.

In other words, the changes in the Government of Susana Díaz are not resolved with a simple movement of ‘peons’ but include a lightening of the portfolio Gálvez receives (University, Knowledge and Research) and a reinforcement for Ramírez de Arellano who, After the Vice President of the Board, Manuel Jiménez Barrios , becomes the person with more power in the Diaz cabinet.

The appointment of Lina Gálvez is not only a nod to the feminist movements in which this professor at the Pablo de Olavide University is a reference, but also a commitment to a more left-wing political profile, which carries a clear message to her voters at a time when the IU-Podemos confluence is presented to the public as the only alternative to the “conservative and antisocial” policies of the PP and the PSOE. Do not forget in this regard that Susana Diaz, who has no absolute majority in the Andalusian Parliament, governs without too many shocks thanks to the support of its ‘preferred’ members of Citizens, with which it has managed to take forward the last three regional budgets .

Among other concessions, the negotiation forced the Government of Susana Díaz to apply a forceful reduction of inheritance tax in Andalusia -a claim that originally raised and mobilized the PP- until its almost total bonus for inheritances of less than one million euros, which It was very criticized from the groups on the left, because it supposed to succumb to the fiscal dumping practiced by the PP communities.

In recent months, however, and on the occasion of the last extraordinary appearance of Susana Díaz in Parliament, held at the beginning of May, her speech had introduced some programmatic bets of a social nature, in which it was easy to notice her intention to give to the legislature a slight turn to the left after years of hard cuts in Education and Health policies that had undermined the credibility of his speech.

The Andalusian Government now intends to seize the opportunity to give a ‘purple’ air to its government. The march of María Jesús Montero to the Ministry of Finance, although it is a clear endorsement to the management of the Government of Susana Díaz, also forces him to refocus his strategy on one of his workhorses, which is the reform of regional financing.

The arrival of Pedro Sánchez to the Moncloa will necessarily cause a moderation of the tone of the claim against the Government of the Nation. María Jesús Montero, who had managed to present herself before the rest of the autonomous communities with a consensual model with social agents and a very large parliamentary majority, will now have to become an ‘arbitrator’ of a process always riddled with tensions.

The new Minister of Finance, on the other hand, can hardly assume the role of ‘ariete’ indefatigable Montero had in a policy of confrontation with the PP so recurrent and profitable always for the Andalusian Government.

Finally, with the appointment of Montero, Sanchez extends a hand to susanismoand leaves without argument those who intend, if any, shoot from the Palacio de San Telmo with friendly fire to the new tenant of the Moncloa. The obligatory collaboration between the two executives could also help the new counselor Gálvez through his personal relationship with the economics professor Juan Torres-with whom he has a son-, and who is an advisor to Pedro Sánchez in this last stage, despite the fact that In his day he was considered one of the gurus of the economic policies of Pablo Iglesias and Podemos.

Welcome conflicts

Lina Gálvez lands in the new University, Knowledge and Research Department in the middle of a bitter conflict with the interim teaching staff, that this Wednesday, without going any further, plans to demonstrate at the doors of San Telmo under the motto ‘For a worthy teaching career. Negotiations carried out have not had results at the moment. His predecessor, Ramírez de Arellano, has also been unable to approve a new model of university funding that the principals are demanding with such insistence. On the other hand, from the universities it is valued the updating in the payments of the Board after years of accumulating delays.