Teresa Rodríguez accuses Echenique of making a “false” document to attack her and Kichi

Teresa Rodríguez accuses Echenique of making a “false” document to attack her and Kichi

The general coordinator of Podemos Andalucía, Teresa Rodríguez, has accused the secretary of Organización de Podemos, Pablo Echenique, of making an “invented document” with the sole purpose of discrediting it and the mayor of Cádiz, José María González, Kichi. In that text entitled “Operation loose moorings” they want to be held responsible for an alleged plot to break completely with the formation of Pablo Iglesias to create an independent party in Andalusia.

The dissemination of this document with the “false” betrayal of Podemos, whose existence today informs’ El Confidencial, occurs precisely after Kichi and Podemos Andalucía have championed internal criticism of Pablo Iglesias for the purchase of a villa over 600,000 euros and the subsequent call for a consultation among the militants to try to justify it.

Rodriguez has no doubt about the authorship of the document, which he says is “false from the beginning to the end,” and blames Echenique openly. In a private conversation between the two through the Telegram messaging application, which has ended “by mistake” in social networks and which according to the parties is true, the Andalusian leader is direct: “I just said that the invented document you are trying to place yourself. “

“I can not believe it, I swear,” laments Rodriguez, who says that they have warned him “of a medium”. “Directly”, apostille. Showing his displeasure with who shared experience in the European Parliament and with whom he shared political project in the first congress of Vistalegre, when Echenique was among the critics.

The now secretary of Organización de Podemos and a man of confidence of Iglesias throws balls out of the accusations and replies to Rodriguez: “I have not seen it. Do you have it?” To which she reproaches: “Do not disguise.”

“It’s very brutal, I imagined Juanma [del Olmo, Secretary of Communication of Podemos], I do not know, they are prejudices anyway, but it’s you,” stresses Rodríguez alarmed. To which Echenique responds: “They also tell me things and I do not believe them.”

As far as you can see, the conversation is now only with messages from Rodriguez. First to tell him that he had just called him because he still can not believe that he is the one who is spreading the “invented document”. And then to reproach him for his performance. “It is not going to be left in four digital media, which is going to burst, Pablo, you are surpassing red lines with a frightening speed,” he says.

In addition, about the denials of Echenique, Rodríguez emphasizes: “That the source is not questionable, Pablo”. Assuming the truthfulness of the information you have.

In parallel, Rodríguez had previously warned the management of Podemos Andalucía about the dissemination of the aforementioned document and its falsity. “A plan to break Podemos or to break with Podemos on my part and on the part of Podemos Andalucia with me and Kichi (of course) as main actors is supposedly being framed.” The document is sent in an anonymous email to some other means of communication with the intention that comes out these days under the title ‘Operation release moorings’ “, alerts in a message sent to the Andalusian Citizen Council that has had access to ‘The Independent’.

Rodríguez denies any hint of truthfulness. “It is a crude fabrication whose objective is none other than to divide and confront us, to keep us in the internal battle,” he says, and blames “the little machine with the mud and the organic cloaquitas” of the Churches environment.

Regarding the battle between Podemos Andalucía and the national leadership of Podemos, Rodríguez reaffirms that he will run for the Andalusian elections with the Podemos brand and that he has been “loyal to the project” for more than four years. Remarking that she is in Podemos “from day one”. When it was presented in society in Madrid.