Red Cross supports more than 3,650 homeless people in Andalusia

Red Cross supports more than 3,650 homeless people in Andalusia

The Spanish Red Cross has supported more than 3,650 people living on the street in Andalusia so far this year, to whom it has sent articles of first necessity and accompaniment, as well as promoting its social and labor integration.

These data have been disseminated by the aforementioned institution on the occasion of the World Day of the Homeless, which is commemorated this Sunday.

The Red Cross has joined this commemoration to “make visible” the needs of these people, to whom it provides support through its Integral Attention to Homeless People project.

Homeless people make up one of the groups that suffer social exclusion in a more extreme way, because the material, psychosocial and emotional needs they suffer add to the “social invisibility” in which they practically live.

Through this project, volunteers visit the streets of twelve Andalusian townsseveral times a week to distribute food and warm clothes, but also to offer them their company, conversation and listening.

His work has been reinforced at this time to provide sleeping bags, blankets and warm clothes before the drop in temperatures.

In addition to this urgent assistance, the Spanish Red Cross promotes other types of initiatives with which to address the attention to these people in a comprehensive manner: from health workshops, first aid, leisure activities, guidance and training in employment, and accompaniment to others social resources.

The humanitarian institution develops this project in the eight Andalusian provinces thanks to the economic contribution of its partners, and the support of different financing lines and grants granted by municipalities and by the Junta de Andalucía.

Among them, the Ministry of Equality and Social Policies with funds from the box of Activities of Social Interest of the Income Tax Return (IRPF): the so-called X Solidarity.

To commemorate this day, the Red Cross has organized a photographic exhibitionat the Municipal Library of Córdoba, which will be inaugurated tomorrow with the slogan “Así lo veo yo”, as well as several awareness-raising activities on the streets of Málaga and Almería.

For its part, in Seville will take place on the 28th a workshop on social skills aimed at the homeless.