How to organize an Ibizan wedding and not die?

How to organize an Ibizan wedding and not die?

Around 80 companies from sectors related to the world of weddings gathered this weekend in the second edition of the Ibiza Bridal Week at the Palacio de Congresos de Santa Eulalia. An event that presents the news around the bridal scene. A sector that takes hold in Ibiza and Formentera as a matrimonial destination for many couples.

They no longer marry just for love, that too. But on the day of the wedding there is another premise “the show must continue” . If previously it was chosen between the day that was going to be celebrated, the type of marriage rite, the place of the banquet and the honeymoon, now it is necessary to count on a myriad of details.

According to the report “The essential book of weddings”, prepared by ESADE, along with the portal and in collaboration with Google, based on 8,251 valid questionnaires, the typical Spanish wedding has about 130 average attendees and has a budget average of 20,000 euros.

The banquet takes much of the budget, around 100 euros per person. To this we must add music, floral decoration, the clothes of the parties, alliances, bouquet of flowers, photographs, videos, guest details, hairdressing, makeup, car rental, entertainment and shows, stationery, among something else. And above all be original, very original. Well, in the Ibiza Bridal Week you could find everything you need for the organization of the wedding event.

The “wedding planner” or wedding planner effect , imported from the United States, has evolved at the same time as weddings grow in complexity. ‘Four weddings and a funeral’, ‘The wedding of my best friend’, ‘Sex in new york: the film’, are the media influences of any celebration. A wedding with swallows, balancing, or choreography that the bride and groom perform for their guests, are a trend.

“In this edition we have 80 companies from 27 different sectors, the vast majority of them from Ibiza but there are also companies from Barcelona, ​​from Bilbao like the designer Alicia Rueda or the Belgian florist Udagawa Eimi.As a novelty we have a showroom of wedding dresses and wedding gowns, jewelery, headgear, fashion designers Ad Lib and other outsiders, “explained Verónica Prats , one of the organizers of the fair and wedding planner of the company” Tu hada Madrina “.

In the fair there is also room for solidarity. The Vicente Ferre Foundation had a stand where gifts were shown to the guests by the women of the Anantapur craft workshops. In addition, they were informed of other possibilities for collaboration, such as that the invitees to the link instead of giving the bride and groom a certain amount of money for the construction of a house for people living in extreme poverty in South India.

The second edition of the fair has been a success of participants and audience, making it an essential event to organize a wedding in Ibiza and not die in the attempt.