Consell opens the door to allow tourist equipment in rustic

Consell opens the door to allow tourist equipment in rustic

Consell de Mallorca approved last July the initial Plan of Intervention in Tourist Areas (PIAT) and definitely the zoning of the holiday rental . All with the aim of defining the tourist model for the island and to bring order to activities that for years have been so popular in the Balearics, such as renting flats to tourists. Although the opposition is criticized harshly by the writing of the PIAT because of the limitations and prohibitions that it supposes, the truth is that in terms of tourist seasonality it is not so restrictive.

The explanation is found in article 35 of the text, where the insular institution opens the door clearly to complementary tourist facilities on rustic land. Or what is the same, the Consell will allow from now on in this type of surface the start-up of endowments “destined fundamentally to the tourists and dedicated, among other things, to activities of spectacle, leisure, sports and congresses”.

However, it will not be to sew and sing for those who want to incorporate a tourist equipment of this nature. The PIAT makes it clear that “they must prove their capacity as an instrument to diversify and qualify the tourist offer”. And it goes further by stating that “on rustic land only new complementary tourist facilities will be admitted when they are for sport or cultural use and do not exceed one hectare of surface with a maximum occupancy of 5%.”

Although with this document approved only a few months ago the Consell opens its hand and authorizes certain equipment on rustic land, the restrictions on another series of more classic tourist infrastructures are maintained. Like the golf courses, which are completely prohibited , as well as “the extension of existing ones” and “in all kinds of soil”.

In addition, from now on the municipal planning will have to identify the tourist equipment of great impact, like circuits of races, sport tracks, aquatic parks or museums of road, existent or foreseen, as it reads the article 35 of the PIAT. In order to include “measures of environmental improvement and landscape integration.”

On the other hand, the zoning of tourist rental in Mallorca approved in the same plenary session as the PIAT, has ended in the courts , as this newspaper advanced two weeks ago. The main employers of the sector in the Islands, Habtur, filed an administrative dispute before the Superior Court of Justice of the Balearic Islands (TSJB) against this decision and has now been admitted for processing. In a decree issued 15 days ago, the TSJB admits the appeal against “the agreement of the plenary session of the Consell” on July 27, which definitively approved the proposal of “provisional delimitation of areas suitable for marketing the tourist stays in homes for residential use in Mallorca », excluding Palma.

From now on the Consell is obliged to send the entire administrative file to the court to continue with the process. Once you have all the documentation, from Habtur they will proceed to present an appeal against zoning. “The request will be to throw back the entire zoning established by the Consell,” announced its manager, María Gibert, to this newspaper.

This is not the only judicial action that the management of the Balearic vacation rental has in process. He has also presented another administrative litigation against zoning in Palma. For the moment, the one that affects Mallorca has been admitted for processing. The other is not accepted, although from Habtur they trust that it will finally be so.

Gustavo Peñalver projects a museum in Capdeper

Taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the new PIAT focused on the installation of complementary tourist facilities on rustic land, the artist Gustavo Peñalver is planning the construction of a museum in Capdepera. It will expose his work and will also accommodate other artists, as he assured in statements to this newspaper.

It will be located in the Mallorcan municipality of Capdepera, has the approval of the City Council and will occupy 600 square meters on land owned by it. “I plan to include my sculptures, my paintings and all my graphic work, all distributed in five modules that each house about 15 or 20 works,” he added Peñalver.

The idea of ​​setting up a museum of this kind in Capdepera came up with a lawyer in Berlin, where the artist lived for 20 years, and who curiously is “the second private collector” of his work, with more than 60 pieces. “He was the one who proposed me to make a museum,” Gustavo explained shortly before adding that the land where he will rise is his property.

Three years ago it was when he finally convinced himself of the idea and contacted the architect Jaime Martínez to commission the final project. “The City Council supported the first,” he said proud and convinced that it will be a good cultural dynamic for the region.

Asked about the future of the center, the artist aims to “become a cultural reference” in Mallorca . “There will be concerts, cultural activities and it will be very active, with workshops and temporary exhibitions,” he said, trusting that the consistory be actively involved in the project.

The total investment estimated to turn the idea into reality will exceed one million euros and once all the permits have been obtained, the works will begin, “in stages”. Gustavo has already worked with Capdepera in the past, making murals and stained glass windows, and is a well-known artist in Germany, so the initiative also takes on special relevance at the tourist level.