Demonstration called by CDR in favor of the prisoners forces to partially close Sants

Demonstration called by CDR in favor of the prisoners forces to partially close Sants

A demonstration called by the Committees of Defense of the Republic (CDR) against the imprisonment of sovereign leaders has forced this Tuesday afternoon to partially close the Sants station, the most important in Barcelona and where the passengers traffic is even greater these days for Holy Week.

The protest was intended to surround the station. However, the number of attendees has been lower than what their conveners aspired so, finally, have been satisfied with giving several laps to the station. That fact has not prevented the Mossos d’Esquadra, in anticipation of the protest from taking effect, have foreseen a huge device.

Agents of the Mobile Brigade have been arranged in the two main entrances, controlling with greater or lesser accuracy, that the protesters did not enter and prevent them from cutting the railway tracks. It was also evident the presence of uniformed in the hall of the station, in addition to plainclothes agents spread across the platforms. It should be remembered that the CDRs achieved that goal during the general strike on November 8 and cut off the AVE Barcelona-Madrid line for hours.

The deployment and the fear of cutting traffic in the middle of Holy Week or has affected the commuter trains. Yes it has forced to close for a few minutes the metro station of the L5, whose passengers have had to travel a few hundred meters to enter the station Numancia street.

Frustrated with the objective of interrupting the trains, if any, the protesters have simply shouted slogans in favor of the freedom of the “political prisoners”. The Mossos d’Esquadra and the “manipulating Spanish press”, in that order, have been the targets of the rest of the shouts. In the only noticeable incident, two strangers have thrown two paint balls to agents of the Mossos from the upper Sants silver, where the parking lot is located.