Ryanair dismisses the crew members of the ‘false image’ with which they denounced that they slept on the ground

Ryanair dismisses the crew members of the ‘false image’ with which they denounced that they slept on the ground

The Ryanair airline has fired six of the cabin crew (TCP) who on 13 October slept in a room at the Malaga airport when their flights to Oporto were diverted due to the storm that hit the Portuguese coast.

“It is a violation, again, of any fundamental right , not only as members of a union or as cabin crew or even as workers but also as citizens,” the Sitcpla union has denounced the news.

24 crew members in total, 16 cabin crew and eight pilots, spent 13 hours in a crew room “with six seats in total” without the airline providing accommodation. Six of them decided to denounce the fact and offered to pose in a ‘feigned’ photo in order to narrate how they passed “their minimum rest in these conditions”.

The image, which went viral, only staged the situation, according to Sitcpla. But the six crew members based in Oporto who participated in it are those who have been dismissed.

According to the Air Safety Regulations, the company was obliged to find accommodation for its workers in that situation because the scale exceeded six hours. However, according to the workers, he did not do so and left them in that room . For Sitcpla “Ryanair has returned to lie when he apologized saying that Malaga did not have hotel vacancies that day,” as he argues that the offer of accommodation in the area of the Costa del Sol is huge.

According to Ryanair’s explanations, “these six members of Ryanair’s cabin crew in Porto were dismissed on Monday, November 5, for breach of contract because of a serious misconduct, after falsifying a photograph with the intention of supporting the false accusation that they were ‘forced to sleep on the floor’ in the crew room at the Malaga airport (an act that was widely publicized in the international media). This behavior damaged the reputation of their company and entailed an irreparable rupture of trust in these six people. “

“This,” says the union in relation to the dismissals, “is causing even more unity among the European cabin crew” ; “It is a counterproductive action taken by those who insist on ignoring the rule of law.”

“And this law recognizes our right to fight against this and many other abuses with industrial actions that will soon be evaluated among the European unions that represent the Ryanair cabin crew,” they say in advance of a strike that will occur almost in complete safety the next month of December and that will again have European reach.