Alicante creates a ‘flat rate’ for transport

Alicante creates a ‘flat rate’ for transport

The Transportation Board of the City of Alicante agreed yesterday to create a bonus of unlimited travel for 30 days for a price of 40 euros . It is planned to enter into operation in December and may be obtained by residents of the city to access for 30 days with unlimited travel on public transport.

This was reported by the consistory after the celebration of the table consisting of the neighborhood representatives of district boards, users, drivers and the concessionaire of the public bus service and municipal technicians of the Department of Traffic and Transport. The mayor of the area, José Ramón González, explained that this initiative “fulfills the commitment to facilitate access to all users without age limits, make transportation more accessible to encourage its use, and achieve the implementation of a measure that will benefit all the people of Alicante who use public transport “.

“This is a very important measure because for the first time, as we committed ourselves when we arrived at the Government team, we have managed to get a bonus in Alicante with a flat rate promoted and subsidized by the City Council , and we are convinced that it will be everything a success “, added González.

Along with the bonus, the Transportation Board tackled a package of measures to promote public transport during this Christmas. To do this, the City will enable a new “free” bus line to go through the center of the city and leave the vehicle at home. The bus lane will also be launched in Juan Bautista Lafora. The meeting also discussed the need to carry out a plan of accessibility to transportation in the accesses of the cemetery of the district of Florida Alta and it was agreed to study the areas that are undeveloped and make a request to the area of ​​Urbanism to give solution and new pedestrian itineraries are created.

The need to prioritize buses for safety between Bilbao and San Fernando streets was also included in the agenda, and an agreement was reached to put a traffic light at that intersection. On the other hand, the topic of the Investment Plan was discussed , informing that in March the five new buses will arrive, of which four are hybrids, and work is being done to put Wi-Fi on all the vehicles and an improvement in the technological systems of the SAE to transmit the traffic situation in real time.

In this regard, the Transportation Bureau also addressed the issue of night-line security , which has a private surveillance service and all have cameras incorporated in the buses, informing that it is planned to install screens for drivers in the new vehicles.