The PP studies to remove free ads of Escola Valenciana in Alicante

The PP studies to remove free ads of Escola Valenciana in Alicante

The government team of the City Council of Alicante (PP) is considering cancelingthe free courier of the mupis to Escola Valenciana to carry out a promotion campaign for Valencian under the title Voluntariat pel valencià. It does so, as indicated in a statement, following the “controversy over the financing of this group through Compromís”, following the news published by EL MUNDO on the organization of the Plaça del Llibre in the city in 2016 and 2017. In both editions it was contracted with the satellite organization of the nationalist party to finger (the first by means of agreement and the second by a minor contract of which invoices do not appear) and, in one of them at least, a full salary was paid toIsmael Vicedo, responsible for the foundation in Alicante but also a local spokesperson for Compromís and partner of one of its councilors, María José Espuch.

The municipal government reported yesterday that the first edition of this campaign was held in 2016 by decision of the tripartite, with the installation of 20 mupis free for two years. The PP renewed this agreement on October 25 , six days before this newspaper published the first information about the Plaça del Llibre. ” Before the controversy leapt ,” he says in the press release, “the City Council authorized on October 25, through the area of ​​Promotion of the Valencian, the free cession of mupis for a volunteer campaign in favor of the dissemination of Valencian “and that” was born in 2016, by an agreement of the nationalist councilor Natxo Bellido“” Then the head of Escola Valenciana was the couple of the nationalist mayor María José Espuch, who has subsequently starred in another serious controversy to know that he contracted directly with this entity from the Department of Equality.”

The truth is that reaction of the PP came after Bellido himself posted on social networks a photo of the mupis , and made sure he was “satisfied” that the City continued to collaborate with Escola in the promotion of the Valencian. Later, after hearing the news that they were studying to eliminate them, Bellido called the PP government “sectarian” , since “it is a free and completely innocuous campaign that is done every year.” “Mr. Barcala has been involved in a battle he does not know where to go, I urge him to reconsider and respect the democratic plurality of the city,” Bellido said.

The spokeswoman of the government team, Mari Carmen from Spain, indicated that the objective of the PP is “not to allow entities that promote pancatalanismo in Alicante to obtain support from the local administration, for which the termination of the free use of the mupis “. The municipal government has asked for reports to know if the rescission would entail some type of claim.

From Spain it considered “ridiculous” that since Compromís is giving diffusion to the placement of these mupis as an attempt to justify their lack of ethics and aesthetics in the payments to Escola Valenciana, “because here the bottom of the matter and still to be explained is that public money has been given to a satellite entity of the nationalist formation in which the couple of the mayor Espuch works, even going so far as to pay her a full salary “. “What Mr. Bellido has yet to explain is why he promoted and financed Escola’s activities, benefiting his partner in Compromís Espuch, explanations that we obviously do not have to give because it’s up to him alone”.