Vithas Davó professionals around the world in Zygomatic Implantology

Vithas Davó professionals around the world in Zygomatic Implantology

Vithas Davó Dental Institute, offers a course aimed at more than twenty specialists from the United Kingdom, Israel, Romania, Italy, Hungary, Canada, South Africa, Portugal and Canada on zygomatic implants. Vithas Davó Dental Institute, is located in the Vithas Medimar International Hospital and belongs to the Vithas health group, which has nineteen hospitals and twenty-seven medical centers in Spain.

This course is given by Dr. Rubén Davó, a specialist in the development of the zigomatic implant technique with immediate loading , a technique that allows recovering maxillary dentition and its functionality, almost immediately and definitively, to patients with a lack of bone. in just 24 hours.

Worldwide, very few courses of this kind are carried out with cadaver dissection. However, this year’s course is its fifteenth edition and continues to be considered an international reference.

The course, which is taking place this weekend, includes theoretical and practical lessons with the aim of facilitating knowledge of this pioneering technique. The teachers of the same, in addition to Dr. Rubén Davó, are Dr. Luciano Ortolani, Dr. José Eduardo Maté and Dr. María Ramos, both specialists of the Vithas Davó Dental Institute.

This unit is a pioneer and international reference in zygomatic implants , a condition that allows it to offer teachers a review of the anatomical conditions of the maxilla and zygomatic bone, as well as the indications and contraindications of this type of implants by professionals who perform this technique on a daily basis.

During these days, students will practice the surgical technique of the zygomatic implant and will know the available prosthetic solutions, as well as the maintenance of them and the resolution of possible complications.