A health manager appears as a financier of the PSOE in Benidorm

A health manager appears as a financier of the PSOE in Benidorm

The investigation by the financing of the campaign of the municipal and autonomic elections of 2007 of the PSPV-PSOE and Bloc Nacionalista Valencià (BNV), the majority partner of Compromís, aims at that a sanitary manager, the company Hospimar 2000 SL would have assumed invoices by services that would actually correspond to campaign events of the Benidorm Socialists.

According to the documentation that was delivered to the brigade of money laundering of the National Police, to which EL MUNDO has had access, work done to the PSOE of Benidorm , the group of the family of the former minister Leire Pajín , were billed by Crespo Gomar , the agency that launched the campaign of socialists and nationalists, Hospimar 2000 SL and Quik Meals Ibérica SA , a franchisor linked to Burger King , for supposedly fictitious concepts .

In addition, several emails Crespo Gomar with the express indication of billing work done to the candidacy of former mayor Agustín Navarro , currently provincial deputy of PSPV in Alicante, to the company Hospimar as advertising material.

The total amount of these invoices amounted to 39,318 euros and the tax investigation commissioned by the court of Valencia that initially assumed the investigations would have accredited the alleged manipulation of invoices for third companies to take charge of these expenses, as confirmed sources familiar with the procedure.

In return, according to the judicial investigation, the PSPV of Benidorm, after the controversial censure motion of 2009, would have awarded contracts to the Crespo Gomar group for a value higher than the real one. One of those contracts would refer to the installation of some opinómetros in the city , a project that this society also developed for the City of Gandia .

Four courts have divided the police proceedings that have brought to light an alleged framework of irregular financing that mimics the structure of the Gürtel plot . Of the diligences it would appear that the group Crespo Gomar assumed the role of Orange Market with the PP of Francisco Camps and billed several companies for jobs that correspond to services rendered to these two political formations .

After knowing this judicial procedure, which involved the prosecutor who has investigated the Gürtel in Valencia, the PSPV announced an internal investigationand the current address of the Bloc is reviewing its accounting to verify that the invoices delivered to the police are authentic and locate budget.

At the moment, no nationalist leader knows why this document includes an email between Crespo Gomar and representatives of Metrovacesa , a construction company that promoted the shopping center La Vital de Gandía , which mentions Lluis Miquel Campos , current chief of staff of the president of the Cortes Enric Morera , with data from the Bloc.

Crespo Gomar was a communication agency, based in Gandía, which was chaired by Alberto Gomar , son of the former deputy mayor of Gandía, Antonio Gomar. This society is also linked to leaders of the formation of Gent de Dénia, an independent party.

Apart from the campaign of the municipal Bloc and Joan Ignasi Pla, socialist candidate for the Presidency of the Generalitat in 2007, Crespo Gomar also organized in that call the campaign of the Socialists of Benidorm and Etelvina Andreu , candidate in the Mayor’s Office of Alicante. The proceedings are open for alleged electoral crimes -these would already be prescribed-, continued documentary falsification, embezzlement and prevarication.

Among the invoices analyzed by the researchers are those of the PSOE campaign in Benidorm. Agustín Navarro was the candidate and the emails have revealed internal conversations between the former secretary of the local Organization, Anabel Hallado , and the plot.

One of those emails is dated Thursday, May 31, days after the elections were held. Found moved to Crespo Gomar a series of indications to bill Hospimar 2000 ».

«Hello Lucia, please, you can make an invoice in the name of Hospimar for the mailbox, key rings, brochures and photographs 160 + 800 + 1065 + 1330 . Anyway, if you can call me. Greetings, Anabel ». That same day, according to the documentation, Crespo Gomar billed Hospimar 2,778 euros (with VAT) for “promotional advertising material” .

In another previous email, sent in April 2007, the agency informs Hallado about the status of the account with the PSOE. «Hello Anabel, the statuts would be the following: 2 Hospimar invoices of 7,500 euros plus VAT, pending payment» .

Then, the communication states that “Quick Meals invoice A7000323 of 6,000 euros plus VAT , pending collection. Pending invoice 9,000 euros plus VAT(corresponding to the assistance in pre-campaign, months of March, April and May.

In 2009, Bancaja took over 31% of the Hospimar group. Pepe Catalonia, former secretary of finance of the PSPV-PSOE that appears mentioned in the post office, was vice-president of the banking entity. After this operation, the businessmen Juan Ferri and José Baldó, implicated in several scandals of alleged bank corruption, entered the board of directors of the health manager.

That same year, a controversial motion of censorship led the mayor of Benidorm to the socialist candidate with the support of a defector of the PP. Among the socialist councilors who supported that motion was Maite Iraola , mother of former Health Minister Leire Pajín. His father, José María Pajín, moved for years the threads of socialism in the Valencian Community and has held various public offices in the City.

At the time when this motion of censure was tried, Leire Pajín was Secretary of Organization of the PSOE and Zapatero Secretary General and President of the Government. The mother of Pajín was discharged of the PSOE after presenting the motion of censorship to avoid that her daughter expelled it from the party to support itself in a defector of the PP.