Castellón City Council will transform an unused site into a playground in the Raval Universitari

Castellón City Council will transform an unused site into a playground in the Raval Universitari

The urban spaces reform plan of the Castellón City Council will allow the transformation of a site located in Juan Bautista Folià Prades street, in the Raval Universitari (Western District), in a playground designed for children from 2 to 5 years old. “The proposed intervention consists in the transformation of the current unbuilt site into a green and sustainable playground , through the use of adequate materials and drainage systems that contribute to urban hydrological rehabilitation,” explains the mayor of Sustainability Environmental, Sara Used.

The project includes two areas: a children’s play area with slides and a skating minipist with straight and curved sections creating fun figures. “Both areas will be aimed at children under 2 to 5 years, especially taking into account that this new area of ​​children’s games is located next to a daycare center,” added the mayor. This urban remodeling has a budget of 116,000 euros and it is expected that the works will finish during the second half of April.

The area of ​​slides will occupy an area of ​​close to 150 square meters while the figure skating miniature, in the shape of fish, is 107 square meters. In addition, the project also includes an accessible pedestrian itinerary inside the enclosure, as well as an access ramp to the entire playground and, as a security measure, a reinforced concrete perimeter wall and a plant barrier will be incorporated.

Usó explained that this action is part of municipal policies to improve urban spaces and expansion or renovation of playgrounds, “with the aim of promoting the social use of public spaces and contribute to creating quality areas” . This new children’s play area is located in the green zone between Juan Bautista Folià Street and the Seco River and will make it possible to expand the existing facilities of this type.

It is worth remembering that during 2017 new playgrounds were installed in the six districts of the city, specifically in the Puente de Hierro park, Borrull square, the Antigua Corona de Aragón square, the Geyo Royo park, Juan Bautista Porcar squares and del Pinar, between Dolçainers street and Tirant lo Blanc.