Burriana urban furniture, rusted before installation

Burriana urban furniture, rusted before installation

The set of banks and planters acquired last January by the municipal government of Burriana (Castellón) to improve the commercial urban center of the municipality does not comply with the specifications , as reported during the plenary session on Thursday. Councilor for Citizen Participation and Transparency, Maribel Martínez.

The mayor explained, answering a question from the Popular Party councilor Juan Fuster, the consistory has “two counter-reports” on the state of the material and that at the moment the municipal technicians are drafting a document in response to the winning bidder. As the councilor specified the furniture “was rusted before mounting”, in addition to having “other problems”, so what was chosen not to install it. “We will not put anything in the town that is not in conditions,” he said.

Martinez also revealed the following steps to follow during the session in the Plenary Hall of the City Council: demand compensation from the winning company, ask the merchant who was second in the contest to accept the order and, if not interested, start the whole process again.

Thus, once the report is issued, the consistory will study “the amount of the guarantee that will be claimed from the company as a result of damage” , an amount that according to the contract that the City Council formalized in January, amounted to 743.6 euros. Once the contract with the successful bidder has been dissolved, the consistory will contact “the second company that submitted itself to the contest” to offer them the concession “if they are still interested,” Martinez added.

Only if the second merchant did not accept the order the City would be forced to “redraft the sheet and re-tender it,” added the mayor before the popular reply by Juan Fuster put on the table the possibility that the subject “will be in a dispute”, extending according to the PP councilor for much longer.