The Diputación de Castellón has already promoted 34 tourism promotion actions for this summer

The Diputación de Castellón has already promoted 34 tourism promotion actions for this summer

The Diputación de Castellón has promoted up to June a total of 34 actions of tourism promotion specifically aimed at multiplying visitors in the province, and especially during the next summer. Thus, the Provincial Government has participated in 24 fairs, organized seven familiarization trips and even two direct marketing actions and gastronomic days. An intense activity that responds to the programming of the Tourism Marketing Plan that the Diputación agreed with both tourist municipalities, the sector and the Valencian Tourism Agency to implement in 2018.

The Vice President of the Provincial Council and deputy of Tourism, Andrés Martínez, has assured that “we are fulfilling the marked forecasts of promotion to get more tourists and that their activity reverts in greater benefit for our province. We want tourism to be maintained for more time at better levels and that translates into more activity in our towns, more ‘consumption of Castellón’, more knowledge of our natural, cultural and historical heritage and, ultimately, more opportunities for our neighbors and our peoples. “

In that sense, Martinez has indicated that “the response we have had in all the actions carried out in the different markets has been very positive and makes us optimistic about the result they will have in improving the figures for the coming months, continuing with the positive trend that we have registered for a long time in the tourism of our province “.

With the aim of positioning the Castellón tourism brand and promoting directly the tourism products of the province, the Diputación de Castellón has participated in 24 tourism fairs both in the national market and in international markets. Participation in tourism fairs is carried out in collaboration with Turespaña for international markets and with the Valencian Tourism Agency within the national market. Own spaces are also contracted at fairs specialized in specific products at the request of companies in the sector.

With the realization of familiarization trips it is possible to make known the touristic offer of the province to tour operators, travel agents and tourist companies and that these have a direct contact with the tourist product of the province.

To maintain a direct contact with both the final target audience , as well as with tourism intermediaries, in addition to the attendance at fairs, two direct actions in the markets have been carried out during the first semester.