The sectors of industry and construction already have less unemployment in Castellón than before the crisis

The sectors of industry and construction already have less unemployment in Castellón than before the crisis

Industry and construction reach the equator of 2018 with fewer unemployed than in the pre-crisis period. This is clear from the statistics published monthly by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security. Some reports that agriculture, services and the group without previous employment, that is, those seeking their first job opportunity, have been the most affected in the long and tortuous path of a crisis that, on the contrary, They have overcome industry and construction.

The province of Castellón has dismissed the month of May with 4,756 unemployed in industry and 3,148 unemployed under construction, when a decade ago were 4,890 and 4,800 respectively.

Thus, construction leads the fall in unemployment in the Castellón regions with a 34% decrease, followed by industry, which has reduced the number of unemployed by 2.7% from 2008 to the current year.

A completely different scenario is found when analyzing the evolution of unemployment in agriculture, which has gone from 774 people to 1,710 today, representing a rebound of 120%, or what is the same, unemployment in this sector has multiplied by 2.2.

Greater still has been the increase registered in services, with 26,364 unemployed in the actuality against the 13,357 of a decade ago, that is to say, practically the double.

Among those seeking their first job opportunity, the increase in unemployment has been even more abrupt in Castellon, having tripled and reaching the figure of 3,582 unemployed at the end of May.

Tragic balance

In total, Castellón currently has 39,560 unemployed, when a decade ago it was 25,000. A balance that continues showing the hard effects of the crisis in the labor market of the province, with some corrections that the construction sector suffered in a particularly hard way. A sector that, precisely, is the one that now has the best performance in these moments after practically disappearing in the most severe years of the crisis, that is to say in the period from 2009 to 2013.

If there is any statistic that really shows the current state of health of the construction sector, this is the one of new work direction visas, that is, the real interest that exists to build in the near future.

In this sense, of the almost 26,000 new construction management visas registered in the province of Castellón in the first year of the crisis, it went to 800 in 2016. But the trend has finally changed. Last year was the first year of year-on-year growth in housing visas and doubled in the previous year: from 400 to 800.

What happened to the nearly 26,000 of 2007? The current stock that marks the Ministry of Development for the province of Castellón is 26,265 homes, since only 3% of homes have been drained in search of a buyer in the last five years. “At the moment, we can speak of a gradual recovery trend in the construction sector, especially in the hand of reform and rehabilitation,” highlight sources in the construction sector.

But there are areas that continue to sleep. “There is no investment in public works of the Generalitat Valenciana in the province of Castellón, nor on the part of the central administration, beyond small investments, then millionaire investments of Development in the ravine of La Bota, on the N-232”, they alert the same sources.

On the other hand, the entrepreneurs do detect ” an important growth in the work linked to the industrial activity of the hand of the ceramic cluster”. But private promotion also resurfaces at last. “And there will be more in the coming months, promotions with offers of dozens of homes in Castellón,” they conclude.