Gynecologists in Castellón want to be visible

Gynecologists in Castellón want to be visible

Gynecologists in Castellón want to implement a new concept of their professionand open it to all women in an attempt to tear down the ‘coldness’ of the annual doctor-patient review. With this basic idea, they intend to add to the visits in the consultation and, in addition, to do it with quality and seriousness .

In order to give visibility to their profession and their work and also aim to achieve work improvements by medical companies to achieve a higher quality of care, they have joined an association. The group seeks to fertilize the health culture of women on their bodies , make them aware and defend their professional dignity as gynecologists.

Thus, the 36 professionals – there are 44 in total in Castellón and its province – that make up this association pursue, in the words of its president Mariano Ángel Gonzalo García , “open the doors of Gynecology to women” and turn Castellón into a point of reference both in the Valencian Community and in Spain . To achieve this aim to implement informative talks throughout the year to address issues of impact and solve doubts. The germ of the association is a constant contact with the patients beyond the consultations.

“We intend to spread health in women , to know what it is to be a woman and what they have to do to prevent different aspects. We do not want to stay in an association of gynecologists where we meet to talk about our problems, “says Gonzalo.

Nor do they lose sight of the need to strengthen their ties as a medical group and that is where the defense of their professional dignity comes in the face of fees that have not been reviewed in years and that they consider “unfair” with their work. Their union, therefore, also seeks to claim medical insurance, they point out, ” honorable fees for the excellence of their services claiming the adequacy of the fees paid by these insurances for the services rendered and risks assumed.”

As an example, there are insurances that have increased “in just one euro” in 21 years, something that the group considers ” absolutely unacceptable “. “The costs of consultation, personnel, supplies, and professional liability insurance make it unprofitable to work for certain medical insurance”, claimed the association.

And, again, the group cites an example to illustrate their complaints. “There are many interventions in the operating room paid by companies at the rate of 40 or 60 euros, something that is laughable.”

The gynecologists of Castellón have followed the trail marked by their colleagues from Seville and, together with them, are the only ones from Spain who have come together and created an association of these characteristics.