An alternative plan for when the nuclear power plant closes

An alternative plan for when the nuclear power plant closes

And when I close the Cofrentes nuclear power plant, what? How is the electricity supply going to be articulated in the area? The Valencian power generation plant is still active, but the exploitation permit ends in 2021 and, in the absence of renewal, the question has already been asked by some of the residents of the region. In view of this situation, the socialist group in the Cortes has presented a Proposition No of Law in which urges the Council and the Government of Spain to design and approve “a multi-year program of energy transition actions in the area of influence of the Cofrentes nuclear power station ».

The objective of this plan, the consulted sources indicated, is “to anticipate and avoid the possible negative effects” that could lead to the closure of the same one foreseen for 2021, when its exploitation permit finishes, and “to provide industrial and economic alternatives in a zone whose employment and economic activity depends to a large extent on the power station ». The Socialist deputy has pointed out that neither Spain nor the Community have a program “that guarantees a just transition in the most vulnerable territories” so “it would be convenient to reach an agreement that involves all the agencies and administrations involved to get ahead and avoid any undesirable effect of the energy transition ».

In this line he recalled that the area of influence of this plant has a high economic dependence on it, since the area lacks industrial alternatives and a large part of the jobs are directly or indirectly linked to the plant. “It is very important that the administrations are put in place so that in a coordinated way they can deal with it from now on and anticipate closure by promoting alternatives for the diversification of the economy in the area,” said Hernández .

Therefore, the initiative presented by the socialist group includes establishing incentives to “favor private investment in this area” as well as specific R & D & I measures “both linked to climate change or that encourage diversification to the energy transition” . It also notes the “application of European funds and funding programs of the European Investment Bank to promote entrepreneurship as an alternative to the energy transition”.

Another of the policies called for in the NLP is to establish “a substitute energy plan that is comparable to the power generation capacity of the nuclear power plant”, which 2017 produced 3% of the national electricity production and 13.19% of the electrical production of nuclear origin, “as well as implementing the measures that facilitate and speed up renewable facilities”.

Finally, from the socialist group propose “request the Government of Spain financial and strategic participation” and “repeal rules that hinder the energy transition to a more sustainable model.” In this regard, the Socialist deputy recalled that the Electricity Sector Law that the PP Government approved in 2013 “did not represent any progress on climate change and had disastrous consequences” as was the loss of some 70,000 jobs in the sector of the renewable energies as well as the large losses of many small investors.