Otitis, stings and heat stroke. Children’s pathologies of summer

Otitis, stings and heat stroke. Children’s pathologies of summer

Otitis externa, dermatitis, stings, gastroenteritis, traumatic brain injury and conjunctivitis are some of the childhood problems of summer . For parents, having a pediatric emergency service of trust supposes an added tranquility in these months of vacations, in which the minors change their school routines for greater activity of leisure and sport. Beach, pool, mountain, summer camps, trips …, are associated with summer, as well as some ailments and conditions among the youngest, as well as the risk of accidents and complications associated with heat, sun and water .

To detect when it is advisable to go to the Emergency Room, the Vithas Nisa Rey Hospital Don Jaime de Castellón organizes next Thursday, June 14, a Health Classroom in which it will tackle the most frequent childhood pathologies in summer . The doctors of the Pediatric Emergency Service and the doctors Javier Miranda and Salvador Martínez, responsible for the Pediatrics Unit of the private hospital center of the capital of La Plana, spoke. The appointment is recommended for all audiences and is open and free, starting at 7:00 pm, in the hospital’s conference room. 


“There are data derived from emergencies that allow us to perform statistics in which we could see the increase in the number of emergencies and the most frequent pathologies during this summer period. The origin of this increase could be focused on the increase in the population of the area, because it is an environment of choice for holidaymakers, “says Eduardo Bermell.

The conference of the specialists will also serve to know the advice and recommendations to relatives and monitors to prevent incidences and health problems typical of the summer.

You can also give certain instructions for the same children to follow, for example, in the case of a summer camp . «Protect yourself from the sun especially between 10 and 16 hours with caps, sunglasses and sunscreen; drink water or juice frequently, even if you are not thirsty; they should never bathe without the presence of an adult; that they use the helmet and the adequate protections to go in bicycle or to skate; use mosquito repellent daily; do not caress any animal that you do not know, etc. “, specifies Dr. Salvador Martínez.


The information for prevention is one of the objectives that the Vithas Nisa Rey Don Jaime Hospital is marked in the lectures it gives in the Health Classroom. The idea is to offer society the tools to prevent diseases, illnesses and diseases and to make known all the services available to act in the case where it is necessary to go to the hospital.

The Rey Don Jaime hospital center belongs to the Vithas health group, which has 19 hospitals and 27 medical centers in Spain . With a growth model based on geographical diversification and sustainability, Vithas plans to “continue to consolidate its national presence, both with the opening of new centers and through acquisitions,” its managers say.