Employment will grow by 5% this Christmas in the Valencian Community

Employment will grow by 5% this Christmas in the Valencian Community

The creation of employment in our country continues, but the pace of growth is experiencing a slight slowdown that will have its impact also in the Christmas season already started. Despite being record figures, it is expected that in the coming months more than 1,034,000 work contracts will be created, the interannual increase will be 4.5%, the lowest growth of the hiring of the last 10 years for this campaign . In the Valencian Community will sign 124,210 contracts , 5% more than those signed in the Christmas campaign of 2017 .

Although there are many industries that have been preparing weeks for this period, it is now when a large part of the companies begins to reinforce templatesto deal with the nearly three months in which sales increase significantly. An increasingly prolonged period, which begins next Friday the 23rd with the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday discounts , which will continue with the Christmas campaign itself and which will end in many cases when the January sales are finished.

This year’s Christmas campaign will generate 4.5% more contracts than were signed in 2017. In total, companies are expected to generate 1,034,000 jobs during these three months , which is a record . However, based on the year-on-year increase, these figures place us at the lowest growth rate of the last ten years, which means a certain slowdown in job creation, at least as regards the Christmas campaign.

This year, the trend towards deceleration in job creation is consolidated and becomes more marked. Forecasts indicate a positive year-on-year change, but that will not exceed the growth experienced in 2017 and that was clearly slower.

As for the regional distribution of the Christmas campaign, it will be one more campaign in Catalonia, the Autonomous Community that performs the most hirings , above 186,000, which will mean an interannual increase of 5%. After it, will be the Community of Madrid, with almost 156,000 contracts, and the Valencian Community (exchange positions this year), with almost 136,000, who better figures reach these months.

By provinces, highlights the high number of contracts to be made in Valencia and that almost reach 136,000, thanks to its year- on- year growth of 5%. It is followed by Alicante , where 98,000 new jobs will be created and its evolution will be 3% compared to 2017 . In Castellón , finally, companies will create 17,680 new jobs, which will mean an improvement of 4% .

The demand for jobs in the large consumer sector (beauty, luxury sector, electronic devices, toys, perfumery and cosmetics, etc.). In the Valencian Community sectors will be very similar to those that will emerge at the national level. In Valencia , in particular, the large consumption and e-commerce will be the biggest generators of employment in these months. In Castellón , in addition to services, transport and logistics, distribution and retail and industry stand out . Finally, in Alicante it will be hotels, retail and logistics, and transport that generate a greater number of jobs.

In the Valencian Community the companies will also demand varied profiles, although in each province some different ones will appear. In Valencia , the dependents, the promoters, the replenishers, the warehouse waiters and the order pickers will be the most requested. In Castellón, organizations are already requesting cashiers, clerks, warehouse waiters, forklift trucks, delivery workers, customer service personnel, hostesses, receptionists, administration staff and promoters . Finally, in Alicante , the demand for dependents, waiters, waiters, picking staff and promoters will be the most outstanding .

The commercial vocation, the orientation to the client and to the sale and the proactivity will be the main requisites demanded to the candidates . The aim is to obtain immediate results that translate into a return on investment for the company. The previous experience in a similar position or the realization of a sales course and commercial techniques will also be valued.