Prosecutor’s Office investigates the Mossos who accompanied Puigdemont when arrested

Prosecutor’s Office investigates the Mossos who accompanied Puigdemont when arrested

General Police Information Office of the National Police has opened an investigation into the two Mossos that accompanied Carles Puigdemont at the time of the arrest and has sent all the information to the Office of the Public Prosecutor of the National Court in case its behavior constitutes a crime. In addition, the Mossos have opened an internal investigation. Xabier Goicoechea(one of these mossos ) is framed in the service of escorts. Carlos De Pedro (the second agent), is of the basic scale.

Prosecutor’s Office of the Hearing has already agreed to open an investigation to verify if the facts could suppose a crime of concealment. If the evidence goes in that direction, the Public Ministry will take the case before one of the investigating judges of the Hearing to open a criminal case. The crime of concealment punishes with prison of six months to three years who, without having participated in a crime – in this case, the Puigdemont rebellion -, help the author “to avoid the investigation of the authority or its agents , or to evade their search or capture “. This only applies to the most serious crimes, among which the Penal Code expressly includes rebellion. In addition, the mossosidentified could be sentenced to disqualification from six to 12 years if they are considered to have acted “with abuse of their public functions”.

At the time of his arrest at a gas station in Germany , the former president of the Generalitat was traveling in a Renault Espace with four other people. Two of them were agents of the Mossos d’Esquadra who have taken turns to guarantee their safety, according to sources familiar with the device. The other two were two personal friends of Puigdemont, the businessman Josep Maria Matamala Alsina – known as Jami and one of its financiers while he was in Belgium – and the history professor at the University of Barcelona ( UB ) Josep Lluís Alay Rodríguez.

Matamala has become a perennial presence with Puigdemont since he escaped to Brussels last October . It has been his shadow in Brussels but it was also in the days after the declaration of independence. Former councilor of CIU in the City of Girona between 1987 and 1995 and spokesman of the group during the last five years of his political career, Jami Matamala, is also a respected Girona businessman dedicated to sectors as varied as the organization of product fairs and gastronomy through the company Incatis . Also in the sector of stationery and digital printing with the company Stein Girona .

However, if something stands out Matamala in the current context is the close friendship he has with the former president and the role of friend-counselor that exercises. A close bond between companions of independentist ideology that began to be forged at the end of the last century when a Puigdemont journalist, was for the first time with a Matamala councilor to comment on a critical article that the first had written about the candidate for the mayoralty of Girona CiU of that moment.

Since then, the friendship that emerged from that first meeting has kept the two men together, fostering synergies that have been key in Puigdemont’s political career. An example of this, as detailed by the Diari de Girona , is the firm intervention that Matamala made in 2007 before the general management of CIU -then headed by Artur Mas- to convince her that the current ex- president was proclaimed as a candidate convergent to the mayor’s office of the city, replacing the list head of that moment, the lawyer Carles Mascort , who had resigned.

After the years, in 2016, Matamala was the first person that Puigdemont called to inform him that there was the possibility of becoming President of the Generalitatto replace Mas, and to ask him to take charge of his daughters while he was in Barcelona. .

With Professor Alay Rodríguez he is also joined by a personal friendship. Specialist in the History of Tibet and Mongolia and columnist for the newspaper Ara , the teacher was with Puigdemont when a man assaulted him at the Brussels airport and urged him to kiss a Spanish flag. Alay Rodríguez is also the International Relations Commissioner of the Diputación de Barcelona.