This is how the sale of the Elche hospital floor began

This is how the sale of the Elche hospital floor began

Hospimar, the company that manages the private hospital of Elche (IMED) paid in 2009 more than three million euros for about 15,000 square meters in the business park of Elche to Promotions and Municipal Initiatives of Elche, SA (Pimesa), the public land promotion company that manages the industrial land of the city since 1990. A figure that is the core of the complaint filed by the number two PP in the Valencian Community, Eva Ortiz, for malfeasance and misappropriation of funds that the court number 1 of Elche has admitted to the investigation investigating the former socialist mayor Alejandro Soler – now director manager of the national public land company SEPES with the socialist government of Pedro Sánchez- and other councilors who in 2009 were part of the board of directors of the public company, among others Federico Buyolo (former General Director of Cooperation of the Generalitat Valenciana and currently Director Office High Commissioner Agenda 2030 of the Government of Spain).

From the PP, Eva Ortiz accuses Pimesa of selling the plot to Hospimar, for “an agreed price agreed between them”, something that according to his lawyers “the City Council could not have done because if he had wanted to alienate the property directly, due to request an expert appraisal, to call a procedure open to the competition (auction) and to inform the Conselleria competent in matters of patrimony».

Municipal sources explained yesterday to this newspaper how the operation was managed. And they contradict Ortiz’s words in which he pointed out that a public auction of the land should have been carried out. And it is that Pimesa in its almost 30 years of history has only made one auction of land,For residential construction in a beach area such as Arenales del Sol. Not even at the time that the PP governed Elche with Mercedes Alonso at its head – the current PP municipal spokeswoman and provincial deputy, who as mayor inaugurated the hospital next to Luis Rosado-. According to they maintain, the investors of the entrepreneurial initiative always work on fixed price marked in the commercialization sheet, they do not play it to price rises through an auction in which different parties bid. A procedure that has been used in attracting the vast majority of the 750 companies that have bought land from Pimesa in the Elche business park.


According to these sources the City Council in any case as stated in the complaint was “to circumvent the rules of administrative law on the sale of property assets of the Administration” among other things because that land were not heritage land of the City, but the transfer of use 10% after the reparcelling through capital increases.

They also assure that this capital increase was made with market price appraisals, a private appraisal and a public appraisal made by an official from Elche.

Remember that in 2009, with the economic crisis, there was hardly any demand for land in the business park. They only had two requests, one from the health group that wanted to open hospitals in Murcia, Valencia and elsewhere. the province of Alicante. However, in the end the private hospital in Elche was the first one built because the City Council saw it with very good eyes given the economic situation.

As the reparcelación had not concluded could not draw the sheet but the interest of the business group was very attractive, so that the technicians of Pimesa made the appropriate appraisals taking into account that not everything was land of exploitation but also agricultural land purchased by Pimesa directly. It was then when the board of directors decided to direct sale of the land. The statement of commercialization with the prices would be approved until two years later, when the reparcelling concluded, in 2011, but under the same prices that were applied to the sale to the hospital in 2009.

Apparently in the quarrel of the PP speaks of another plot to the side that valued at 300 euros per square meter that is still unsold, which is much smaller and has a facade to the general road. The same sources claim that the 15,000 meters sold at 200 euros a meter to the private hospital exceeded even the appraisals .

In fact, that sheet is still used with the unsold lots, which establishes, among other things, a 10% discount for “prompt payment” that the board of directors has already reduced by 5% next year due to the shortage of ground.

As soon as the ground was compared, the business group requested a license and built the hospital . In fact it was built before Pimesa could finish the roundabout access to the park, “in a timely manner,” add municipal sources.

Pimesa is audited by the Generalitat Valenciana and its leaders do not understand how they have always acted the same with a government of all political colors, now they must answer for a specific operation and not by administrative means, but by the criminal one.